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Juggling Festival
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Juggling Festival

USA, International

June 14, 2014 is World Juggling Day, and events celebrating the art of juggling will be celebrated in countries around the world. The International Jugglers’ Association is holding its 67th annual Juggling Festival at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana on July 28 – August 3, 2014 to showcase this art form.

The week-long festivities will feature juggling exhibitions, workshops, competitions and shows during the event. Jugglers will show off their skills to the public, and will compete for the prestige of their fellow artists. On one day, hundreds of schoolchildren will gather to participate in an introduction to juggling that will perhaps “plant the juggling seed” and produce future juggling stars.

What’s more fun at a circus or street festival than to see a skilled juggler (a solo performer or a team) tossing clubs, balls, or any other items high in the air and catching them without “dropping the ball”? Even if you’re not a juggler yourself, this sounds like a great and different form of wholesome entertainment for young and old!

Check it out:

Juggling for the Complete Klutz. These are the world’s most user-tested juggling directions, taking readers from the absolute beginning (Step One: The Drop) all the way to Five-Object Juggling. Comes with three juggling balls.

Juggling: From Start to Star. Have you always wanted to juggle but never thought you could learn how? Now you can with Juggling and the help of the famous Finnigan family, who demonstrate their techniques and secret tricks to develop juggling ability. Includes more than 250 photos to illustrate techniques.

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