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The Birth of the Global Village

With the advances in travel and communications during the past century, and especially with the widespread use of the Internet, the world has indeed become a “global village.” People of ordinary means (not just the jet-setting super-rich) now commonly have long-distance friends from many foreign countries, when it wasn’t long ago that most people didn’t know anyone who lived more than 100 miles away. Business can be conducted from virtually anywhere on the planet, thanks to satellite or wireless connections.

What Is the Vibe?

In the same way that various areas of a city have their own flavor and atmosphere, different countries and regions of the world have their own particular “vibe” that distinguishes their locale from others. Some of that vibe has its roots in ancient tradition and history, and is expressed in cultural festivals, dances, music and art. Gatherings have always been celebrated with food and fellowship. More recently, film festivals showcasing the visual arts have been added to the mix.

Each event gains momentum and establishes its own traditions as it is celebrated year after year, and eventually takes on a personality of its own — that is the “vibe” that people feel in their souls when they attend these gatherings. That vibe makes them smile, sing and dance as they immerse themselves in the moment, or perhaps it moves their spirits with awe and wonder at the sheer beauty of the spectacle. Whatever the reaction, we feel the vibe, and remember it long afterward.

About This Site

This website is a celebration and acknowledgement of the joyful, significant — and sometimes quirky or offbeat — gatherings of people in all parts of the world. In addition to descriptions of events, links will be provided to relevant sources of information for further reference.

Some events are well known, and others celebrate the quirkier side of creativity. All are intended to display the diversity of our human family, and within that diversity, our similarities — in our humor, our passions and our talents. More events and links to information will be added on a regular basis, so visit often and see what’s new! Enjoy, and feel free to leave feedback if you know of other major gatherings in your part of the world.

The more we learn about our neighbors in this global village we call our home, the better we will understand them. It is hoped that the better we understand them, the less we will wish them harm.